Monday, July 20, 2009

What I am finding entertaining and of interest

I am adding another blog that I check on frequently - - called
Peeling a Pomegranate:
Earth-based Magickal Judaism, often known as Jewitchery - writings, rituals, midrash, prayers,
and more.

While I know my DNA for this lifetime is purely British/Welsh - and I am strongly called to
the Isle - I also find myself always to be intrigued and distracted by all matters Jewish. Perhaps
in an even more remote lifetime I was Jewish. Don't know. I am giving thought to ordering
the book "Magickal Judaism: Connecting Pagan and Jewish Practice" - yeah, like I need another book to add to my overflowing shelves. But the subject intrigues me.

Also I love the background of this blog - I wish I had some images like that. Pomegranate
images are someting I love - I have a bit of a collection of them.

And yesterday I watched trailers of the movie Julie and Julia - which is be released here in
States August 7th I believe. It is about two cooks - true stories - one Julie Child played by Meryl Strep and Juila (whose last name eludes me now) who actually did have online a blog
about cooking - I remember seeing it. Julia is challenging herself to cooking a recipe from Julie Child's cookbook every day for a year and writing of her experiences in a blog. And look,
lo and behold her blog was made into a movie!! It is a light comedy and will be interesting to view the two very different lives of these two women.

OK, it's Monday - often considered the first day of the week - the sunrise outside my window looks very promising weatherwise this morning. I can hear a variety of bird calls - seems to be something I have become aware of this summer.. My crows are cawing looking for their peanuts I throw out to them everyday. Critter Mix, which is mixture of corn, sunflowers, and peanuts, I also toss out on the ground for them when I can find it in the stores. I could probably make my own by buying corn, sunflowers seeds and the peanuts and mixingn them.
Crows are becoming familiar with me now - they will actually allow me to be outside with them while they feed.

The author of "Angela's Ashes" died yesterday - this was a favorite book of my youngest son.
I tried reading it once, but didn't get very far. Reading about him I might try the book again. Maybe I can find it on Paperback Swap. I love used paperback books.

I tried finding "Dead Until Dark" on there because I read some of my youngest daughter's when she visited last week, and I really like it. But, alas, it was not there. So I ordered a used
copy from Barnes and Noble. Right now I have been completely absorbed reading books by Phillipa Gregory and Alison Weir about King Henry the 8th's wives. The first one was called
"The Other Boleyn Girl" and from there I went into "The Boleyn Inheritence" and on and on.
Right now I am reading a book titled "Lady Elizabeth" which is about Henry's daughter by Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth, in her growing up years. Of course I will read of her time as queen
later... These have made good summer reading.

The beginning of summer I read "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane" by Katherine Howe.
This is the first book for this author. It was quite good and I have recommended to many others. I have another book waiting in the stacks -"Waiting for Autumn" - to be read right
after Lammas (of course) and as always during every late summer season the book "Harvest

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