Monday, February 20, 2012

Dark Moon - Moon Day

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

29th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Hecate
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
3rd Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Nion/Ash
Moon Phase: Dark
Moon rises: 6:04AM EST
Moon sets: 5:04PM EST
Moon in the Fixed Air Sign
of Aquarius
Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The compassionate
surrender of night.
Sun in Pisces
Sunrise: 7:08AM EST
Sunset: 5:59PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "Is
your criticism undermining someone
or something?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 20th, 2012

Moon Day - the Day of Remembering and Feeling - Impression Day ..... Magickally, Monday encourages the lunar energies of inspiration, illusion, prophetic dreams, emotions, psychic abilities,
travel, women's mysteries and fertility.

Candle Colors for Moon Day - Colors for this lunar day may include silver, white, and pale blue or gray. Ellen Dugan in Book of Witchery suggests to keep your eyes open for celestial themed candles with moons and stars on them. Try your hand at a little candle-magick aromatherapy. Look for the following scented votive candles to coordinate with your lunar enchantments: gardenia-scented candles promote spirituality and love, jasmine-scented candles encourage peace, sleep and psychic dreams, sandalwood, a highly spiritual scent may be used to support meditation and helps to set an excellent magickal mood. All of these enchanting fragrances correspond to Moon Day and the moon's gentle magick.
    During this last waning moon day of this cycle all psychic work will probably turn inward. This often forces a person to contemplation and it nudges them into turning psychic abilities and all that focus within. That is when you gain the opportunity for self-discovery. Work with your divinatory tools now to gain an appreciation for what events and people have led you to this point in your life. By looking to the past, we can acquire a good overview on what has brought us to the point we are standing at now. Then we may gain understanding, wisdom, and insight.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Balsamic Moon enters Aquarius - Sun enters Pisces

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

28th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Hecate
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
2nd Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Nion/Ash
Moon Phase: Balsamic
Moon rises:  5:29AM EST
Moon sets: 3:59PM EST
Moon in Capricorn v/c 4:21AM EST
Moon enters the Fixed Air Sign
of Aquarius at 5:28AM EST
Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: A tree of your choice
Sun enters Pisces at 1:18AM EST
Sunrise: 7:09AM EST
Sunset: 5:58PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "What
is being initiated in your life
at this time?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 19th, 2012

Moon in Aquarius - teaches us to value our community; we learn from our circle, rather from intimate relations. Politics and group dynamics become part of our sacred path. Now is the time to search for new allies and ponder practical applications of the meta-physical. This is a transit of dealing with facts, organizing, political issues, desire to save the world through social actions, connecting with others in social situations, scientific pursuits, detachment and the need to come and go without restrictions. Aquarius is a dramatic mood change. Where Capricorn values traditions and caution, Aquarius indicates anything new, innovative, different or unconventional. Extremes of behavior occur during this moon, especially extremes of optimism and pessimism. Aquarius moon can be detached or rational rather than emotional, and will change only if it's logical to do so. The Moon in Aquarius expands our circles and offers the magick of collaboration; spirit and politics weave together. We can get too farsighted now and need to stay aware of others' feelings. Moon in Aquarius is the best time to work magick involving science, freedom, creative expression, problem-solving, extrasensory abilities, friendship and the breaking of bad habits or unhealthy addictions. Healing rituals for ailments of the calves, ankles or blood are also done at this time. The path of the soul born under an Aquarius Moon is to tend the web of the community. They need to respect true emotions, theirs as well as others, but help us to see interconnectedness and explore theory behind our experiences.

Sun Day - is the Day of Intent, Creation, and Renewal ......Sun Day brings bright solar energies into our lives and have the magickal correspondences of success, promotion, leadership, pride, light, generosity, warmth, fitness and personal growth. The charms and spells that would compliment this magickal day of the sun are ones for personal achievement of any kind. Health issues, increasing personal power or simply sticking to your diet and being proud of what you have accomplished all fall under the sun's golden influence.

Candle Colors for Sun Day - In her Book of Witchery Ellen Dugan says: "Candles colors for Sun Day include yellow and gold. In magick, the color yellow is used to aid communication, knowledge and creativity. The color gold represents royalty, the God, riches, wealth and frame. For centuries candles have been lit to welcome deity and to symbolize a connection to the magickal realm. In actuality, a burning candle is a physical symbol of your spell. Watch for gold metallic tapers and pillar candles around the winter holidays and you can usually pick them up on sale.  Yellow may be harder to find, so keep your eyes peeled. For my (Ellen Dugan) candle magick, I like to work with scented votives. They comes in all colors and lots of yummy fragrances. Try looking for citrus scents to bring health and cinnamon scents for success and prosperity. These bewitching scents will help link your solar magick with a little magickal aromatherapy." 

Sun in PIsces - The Mutable Pisces Sun asks us to feel the ambient pools of unabashed emotion and be moved to compassionate action. As the bears stirs in their dens this time of the year, Pisces calls us to use the growing spring light and clear nights to explore our dreams. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Balsamic Moon in Capricorn


"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

27th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Hecate
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
1st Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Nion/Ash
Moon Phase: Balsamic - 12:45AM EST
Moon rises: 4:50AM EST
Moon sets: 2:53PM Est
Moon in the Cardinal Earth Sign
of Capricorn
Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The silent testimony
of innocence in the face of tyranny
Sun in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:11AM est
Sunset: 5:57PM est
Solar Question for the Day: "What
do you need to let go of
and how is it impeding you?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 18th, 2012

Balsamic Moon - The Balsamic Moon (or waning crescent Moon) rises before dawn and set midafternoon. She is the last sliver of Moon seen in the eastern sky in the dawn and in the very early
morning. The Balsamic Moon is the COMPOST phase, when the nutrients remain in the soil, providing nourishment for the next new seed. This is end of one cycle  and the beginning of another. Keywords for the Balsamic phase are: transition, release, transformation, renewal, and purity. It is the phase in a cycle when you must let go of everything you have been working on that does not deal with the current cycle issues. During this phase you reflect on the passing cycle and prepare for the new. Trust in renewal. It is important to separate from others now so that you can clear the intellect of negativity. LET GO. Become still and meditate. Those who are born in a Balsamic Moon phase possess the potential to be wise, insightful, understanding and patient. They are prophetic and unique. The Balsamic Moon is called the Wishing Moon because this Is a good time for putting wishes on the air. A wish made at the Balsamic Moon is more likely to come true because Needs are felt more deeply now. The more deeply a need is felt, the More invocative energy goes into the Moon cycle and the more likely This need will be met.

Moon in Capricorn - whets our ambition and tests our sense of humor. It loans us extra ability to organize, build, manifest ideals, and manage our world; but we have to let others manage themselves. It's time to clear short-term goals, to feel the joy of accomplishment. Tend to foundations, ancient history, and roots of trees. Those born under a Capricorn Moon can define themselves by their work; they are natural organizers and leaders, the engine for accomplishment in a community. They need to feel they're making progress to be happy, but also need to learn to love themselves, and others, in stillness - just being.

Saturn Day - the Day of Manifestation and Structure, Assessment and Responsibility - Foundation Day....  Saturn's Day is traditionally the day to work on protection, remove obstacles, bind troublesome or dangerous individuals and banish negativity. Saturn's Day is like a magickal 'let's clean house' day. Any magickal messes left lying around that need to be addressed, or any problems that need to be cleared up, are best dealt with on the day devoted to Saturn. Saturday is a day filled with opportunities to clean up and clear out.

Candles For Saturn's Day -   Black is also the traditional candle color for protection magick as well as for spells cast on Saturn's Day.  There is something extra intriguing and witchy about black candles. Sometimes these may be hard to locate throughout the year. Ellen Dugan says in her book Book of Witchery your best bet is to watch for black candles during the fall months (especially around Halloween) and stock up on them. If you check out a few specialty or trendy candle shops at the mall, you will be able to find black jar candle and votives. It always makes Dugan smile to see a classy jar candle labeled something like 'Midsummer Magic' or 'Midnight Spice'. Typically these are patchouli scented which is perfected to use in candle magick as patchouli is associated with Saturn and protection. Work with either of these dramatic and dark-featured colors for Saturn's Day candle spells designed to protect, neutralize gossip, and deflect harm.

   ASH/NION - Celtic Tree Month begins today...

ash.jpg (15021 bytes)

Fraxinus americana
The World Tree; Tree of Life
Third month of the Celtic Tree calendar, February 18th - March 17th
Third consonant of the Ogham alphabet

NION or NUIN (Nee-Arn) - N - ASH 
This Ogham symbol is used in Celtic Reiki at the start of a manifestation treatment Nion
to connect to the energy required for the treatment.
ASH european
Element: Water, Fire
Symbolism: Mastership and Power
Stone: Turquoise, Lepidolite (Increase psychic awareness)
Birds: Common Snipe
Color: White, pale Blue
Deity: Eostre, Frigg, Hel/Holle, Minerva, Nemesis, Odin, Nemesis, Poseidon, Neptune
Folk Name: Hoop Ash, Nion - (a rune name from the Irish Gaelic word Nionon which means heaven

Medicinal properties:    Ash bark can make an infusion that is a mild laxative and diuretic. The rood bark is the most potent with astringent properties, and was used to treat liver diseases and arthritic rheumatism. Other uses include reduce fever, treat kidney and urinary infections, expel intestinal parasites, and treating malaria.

Magickal properties: The leaves attract love and prosperity. Burn Ash wood at Yule to receive prosperity. Sleep with them under your pillow and you will have psychic/prophetic dreams. Sleep with them in a bowl of water next to your bed to prevent illness. Wearing garters of green ash bark protects against the powers of magicians. Ash can heal children just by passing the child through a split in the tree's trunk. It promotes strength, harmony, and a sense of being in tune with your surroundings. In an ancient Greek creation story, humans were formed from Ash and Oak trees.

Ash wood was used for the traditional handle of the besom broom. Druid wands were often made of ash because of its straight grain, and the poles of witches' brooms were often made of ash and was representative of protection and strength. Ash wands are good for healing, general and solar magic. Ash Tree attracts lightening, so don't stand under one during an electric storm   

Greek mythographer Hesiod claimed the first man was born from the ash tree. This became the custom of planting an ash tree at the birth of each baby. The state of the tree served as an indicator of that person's health and strength.

Ash is the key to healing the loneliness of the human spirit, forming a link between the gods, humans, and the dead in the spirit world. Ash holds the key to Universal Truth and Cosmic Wisdom, and it takes on the important role as a Tree of Initiation.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Waning Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

25th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Medusa
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
27th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Luis/Rowan
Moon Phase: waning Half Moon
Moon rises: 3:08AM EST
Moon sets: 12:45PM EST
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:02PM EST
Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The gift of love
Sun in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:13AM EST
Sunset: 5:56PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "What
experience of life do you most crave?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 16th, 2012

Thor's Day - Jupiter Day, the Day of Vision, Spiritual Insight and Expansion ....

A Priestess's Litany for a New Day -

   This can be done indoors or outside.  Know your directions or have a compass with you to help you find them. You can candles and incense burning if you wish or you can just chant this litany as you face each direction. .....

      I come to the East. I ask the wind to clear away preconceptions and muddy reasoning. At this moment of sunrise, the beginning of a new day, I come to thee seeking the wisdom I may need.
      I come to the South. I ask the fire and the full light of noon to give me courage and energy. Burn from me all my angers and smallness of mind. I come to thee seeking right action and protection in whatever I am called to do.
    I come to the West. I ask the still waters to hold me sensitive to the material needs of my world. Let the moving waters wash from me the busyness of mundane concerns. I come to thee seeking the quiet sensitivity of thy flow in twilight.
    I come to the North. I ask the earth and stones for wisdom, stability and endurance. Absorb from me all stolid heaviness. I come to thee seeking growth and the quiet of thy might.
   I come to the Center. Let me never forget that all things had their source in spirit and to spirit shall all return. I come to thee seeking balance.
  I come to the silver light of Moon, the golden light of Sun. May I, this day and this night, find my path and walk it with grace, serenity, hope.
   And so I begin my day.
[From Deepening Witchcraft by Grey Cat]

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Quarter Moon enters Sagittarius

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

23rd Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Medusa
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
25th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Luis/Rowan
Moon Phase: Last Quarter - 12:00PM EST
Moon rises: 12:59AM EST
Moon sets: 10:57AM EST
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:03PM EST
Moon enters the Mutable Fire Sign
of Sagittariius at 7:56PM EST
Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The service of parenthood.
Sun in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:16AM EST
Sunset: 5:52PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "What enslaves
you and how can you be free?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 14th, 2012

Last Quarter Moon - The Moon is 23 days from the New Moon and is 270 - 315 degrees ahead of the sum. As the waning Half Moon moves into a crescent shape this crescent shape will be facing westward to the realm of death. The power of the moon is now waning, being drawn inside for later use. Cast spells now requiring resolution or for something to be concluded. The waning moon is used for banishing magick, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity. The last quarter moon rises around midnight and sets around noon. Astrologically, the Moon is square to the Sun. She is visible from the time she rises until she sets. The Last Quarter Moon is the HARVEST phase - the moon plant gives her life so that others may continue theirs. Keywords for the Last Quarter phase are: realignment, revision, integration and cleansing. It is the time in a lunar cycle to take closing action, to follow-up and complete the activities begun at the New phase. During this phase you become aware of what is and is not working with respect to the achievement of your goal for this cycle. The movement is toward integration. Open to your success. MANIFEST YOUR GOAL. Be responsible.  Those who are born during the Last Quarter phase have a powerful internal life of reflection and transformation. They can assume different roles while balancing their internal and external worlds.

Moon in Sagittarius -  gets us moving, around the globe, into the woods, or in our minds; we need to explore, hike, and dance the night away. It loans us a philosophical perspective, and an easy rapport with the wild natural world. We speak directly, sometimes tactlessly. This transit brings out our inner-Artemis; we need to roam, to explore in body and in soul. Our curiosity intensifies. Check out untraveled territory and connect with the organic world. Have along talk with the animals in your garden. Maybe you can work the soil but of course you have to hold off the planting.  The restless, enthusiastic Sagittarius loves adventure, change and motion. The moon in this sign is a time for philosophy, metaphysics, traveling, studying and freedom from responsibilities. Sagittarius brings the need to feel free of restrictions, and to be spontaneous. Her restless and independent nature wishes to explore and warm and friendly vibes make it a good time for seeing new places, encountering different people and relating to a changing environment. There is a tendency towards open, honest exchanges . Sagittarius also brings an interest in education, ethics, women's culture and seeing things from an idealistic viewpoint. With this moon transit comes the itch to travel, and this is the best sign for travel because conditions are most fortuitous.  Moon in Sagittarius is the best time to work magick for publications, legal matters, travel and truth. Healing rituals of the liver, thighs or hips are also done at this time. Those born under a Sagittarius Moon are naturally restless, cheerful, and radically honest. They speak truth with little conflict because they speak uncharged with curiosity. They weave the web of connection between tribes, countries and species. Their challenge is to learn tact and to hold still and see a problem through, rather than seek a geographical cure.

Tiu's Day - Mars Day - the Day Activity and Physicality, Passion and Desire - Action Day.... This day's planetary influence brings with it the aggression, passion and strength of those of us who must fight for what we believe in. Colors for this day are red, black, scarlet and orange....

Hot Stuff Candle spell -   Want to drive your lover crazy. This candle spell is meant to entice and tempt. The whole point of it is to add a little spark back into your relationship and to make you irresistible. In this spell you will be calling on Lilith (one of the deities for Tiu's Day), so prepare yourself for a good time. Please remember to be conscientious of this spell and only work this upon yourself so you and your lover can have a little fun.
   Gather a red candle, a black candle and two candle holders. Sprinkle a dash of pepper and a pinch of allspice on the unlit candles (tea light candles work well). Arrange three snapdragons or three red roses in a vase. Repeat the following charm three times:
"As I light red and black candles for a hot and sexy spell
I now call on Lilith for passion and all will be well
Peppers and spice and snapdragons/red roses three
These will make me very enticing, so now must it be."

Close the spell with:

"For the good of all, with harm to none
May my love and I have a little fun!"

Now, go and find your lover, give him/her a bewitching smile, and see what kind of reaction you get.
[This spell comes from Ellen Dugan's Book of Witchery ]

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Disseminating Moon enters Scorpio

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

21st Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Hestia
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
23rd Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Luis/Rowan
Moon Phase: Disseminating
Moon sets: 9:34AM Est
Moon rises: 11:49PM EST
Moon in Libra v/c 4:09PM EST
Moon enters the Fixed Water
Sign of Scorpio at 5:01PM EST
Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: Meditate upon
a poem that enlivens your spirit.
Sun in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:00AM EST
Sunset: 5:50PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "What do you
most need and what help is at hand?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 12th, 2012

Moon in Scorpio - turns us inward, deepens our bravery, curiosity and focus. It's time to investigate deep in our psyche, dive underground and deal with life's ugly challenges. We can get surly and sting if overloaded. Clear and compost deadwood of soul and/or garden. Refresh in solitude and contemplation. Scorpio weaves the visible and invisible worlds together. We see through and into the roots. Direst this energy away from obsession and towards creation. The moon's transit through Scorpio is a time of death and rebirth (not necessarily physical death), intensity, extremes and heightened sensitivity. It is good for focusing and doing psychic work because of the deep emotions and desires Scorpio brings. Emotional resentments from the past can surface and block your heightened creative energies so fight urges to be suspicious, secretive and moody. This is a time of regeneration and cleaning out of emotional debris from the previous cycle. There is great energy to complete things and focus on certain areas that you have found yourself too scattered to deal with in the previous cycle. Moon in Scorpio is the best time to work magick involving sexual matters, power, psychic growth, secrets and fundamental transformations. Healing rituals for ailments of the reproductive organs are also done during this period of time. Those born under a Scorpio Moon love a mystery; they have the guts and laser beam focus to handle any challenge, but need to choose carefully where they concentrate their attention. They need time alone, but not to isolate. Their challenge is to be curious rather than judgmental about those who operate differently.

Sun Day - is the Day of Intent, Creation and Renewal - Creation Day .... so plan on using those Scorpio energies and vibes coming up early this evening and do some psychic work to clear old debris. You have until late afternoon on Tuesday, Valentine's Day, to use this energy - the Moon enters the Last Quarter on that day.

Scrying in Water - a practice of receiving messages or information by focusing attention on a reflective surface and seeing what kinds of images come up. I find a good way to practice this is to look into a black clay bowl filled with water - you attempt to see what images come up to the surface of the water. Probably all you will see the first few time you start practicing is water. This can be a difficult form of divination. But like so many other types of magickal practices that you want to be good at, it takes practice and focus. Part of being a witch is knowing when to trust what your experiences and your intuition. This doesn't happen overnight. It only comes with practice, practice and more practice Most novices are not able to scry right away and some, maybe a lot, won't ever be able to do it well. But that is okay because we all have abilities we are a natural at and others that we never do well. So let's say you think you see something in the water - but how do we know if we really are seeing messages or are they something we make up in our head?  Or if we are daydreaming?  That is where practicing over and over comes in - you can learn to tell what's real from what isn't. And sometimes you still can't be sure.
    But this something you go through when you start meditating - so you ask what is the point of meditating? This practice is to clear your mind, to change your mental status, to open yourself up to  noticing what's going on around you and how these things are affecting you.  And so in the same way you are doing this when scrying - you open yourself up to receiving information you normally wouldn't receive because you're so busy thinking about other things and doing other things. So many times this is always there - we're just aren't always tuned into it. 
     So learning this witchy skill doesn't happen overnight. It only comes with practice, practice and more practice. No one can scry right away but keep working at it and especially at time like these next couple of days - Scorpio energies will help your mind to focus on opening itself up to messages.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full Moon in Leo

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

16th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Gaia
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
18th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Luis/Rowan
Moon Phase: Full - 4:53PM EST
Moon sets: 6:52AM EST
Moon rises: 5:56PM EST
Moon in the Fixed Fire Sign
of Leo
Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The gift of grace
Sum in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:24AM EST
Sunset: 5:44PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "Where is
love manifest in your life?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 7th, 2012

Full Moon - The Moon is 16 days from the New Moon and is about 180 - 225 degrees ahead of the sun. The Moon rises at sunset and sets at dawn, therefore a midnight working (or when the moon is directly overhead) is best.  Now the moon is at the height of its strength - spells cast at this time are ideal for completion. The Mother is represented by the Full Moon. Prime time for rituals for prophecy, protection and divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healings for serious conditions, can be done now.  Also love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Astrologically the Sun and Moon  are in opposition (opposite each other in the sky and in opposite signs of the zodiac). She is visible from the time she rises almost until she sets. She opens and blossoms during the Full Moon into the FLOWER, with the desire to share her beauty with others. Keywords for the Full Moon are: fulfillment, illumination, realization and experience. It is the time in a lunar cycle that you are given a clear view so that you can make adjustments to put you back on track to manifesting the goals you set at the new phase. Go to a public place. Do something with a friend. LISTEN. Receive awareness. Understand others. Those who are born in a Full Moon phase enjoy companionship and partnership and desire to merge deeply. Fulfillment and illumination are their goals.

Tiu's Day - Mars Day - the Day of Activity and Physicality, Passion and Desire - Action Day ....

Monday, February 6, 2012

Waxing Gibbous Moon enters Leo

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

15th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Gaia
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
17th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Luis/Rowan
Moon Phase: waxing Gibbous
Moon sets: 6:18AM EST
Moon rises: 4:46PM EST
Moon in Cancer v/c 7:30AM EST
Moon enters the Fixed Fire Sign
of Leo at 8:24AM EST
Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The integrity of
your vocation
Sun in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:25AM EST
Sunset: 5:43PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "What messages are
others trying to tell you?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 6th, 2012

Moon in Leo - Moon in Leo gets us back into the heart of the action. It's time to gather and let our light shine, to express ourselves and appreciate one another. Celebrate, ritualize, dramatize and just keep close to the truth. Share, fill hearts with true Leonine generosity. With Moon in Leo we have the guts to be visible and bring culture to life. Dramatic happenings, especially concerning emotions, being the center of attention, exuberance, vitality and working with patriarchal issues are all hallmarks of the Leo Moon transit. You will probably want to act out the 'drama queen' part of yourself, or just be romantic. This is a time of vital energy, affection and romance and a Leo extravaganza. 'Everybody is a Star'  Everyone is recognized for her particular Goddess within. Enjoy the warmth of kindness and generosity, excitement and exuberance, parties and celebrations. You will want to spend during a Leo moon transit. It's hard to recognize limits in Leo Moons; it's also time for power issues to erupt. Who will be the center of attention? Ambition and independent leadership are important issues. Leo has great pride, which is evident now. Moon in Leo is the best time to work magick involving authority, power over others, courage fertility, or childbirth. Healing rituals for ailments of the upper back, spine or heart are also done during this period of time.  The Moon sign we were born under records the history of our female lineage and emotional training and describes what makes us feel at home. We need to cooperate with our Moon's prime directives to walk our path in harmony.Those born under Leo Moon warms us with their generosity and light, like a fire in the center of the room, inspire others and can be cultural leaders. They live with intensity, but may create emergencies when bored. Their challenge is to share the spotlight and see the beauty in the mundane.

Moon Day - the Day of Remembering and Feeling - Impression Day......

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gibbous Moon Phase in Cancer

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

13th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Gaia
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
15th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Luis/Rowan
Moon Phase: Gibbous - 12:41AM EST
Moon sets: 4:52AM EST
Moon rises: 2:37PM EST
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:06AM EST
Moon enters the Cardinal Water
Sign at 1:04AM EST
Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The invitation sent
by your dreams.
Sun in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:27AM EST
Sunset: 5:40PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "What
news do you wait to hear? What changes
will it bring?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 4th, 2012

Gibbous Moon - The waxing Gibbous Moon is 13 days from the New Moon and is about 135 - 180 degrees ahead of the sun. This is a time for patience and for drawing up energy for the coming of the Full Moon (on Tuesday, February 7th).The Gibbous Moon rises midafternoon and sets before dawn. She is the bulging Moon getting ready to be full, visible soon after she rises until she sets. The Gibbous Moon is the BUD  of the plant, the pulse of life tightly wrapped, wanting to expand. Keywords for the Gibbous phase are: analyze, prepare and trust. It is the time in a lunar cycle to process the results of the actions taken during the First Quarter. During this phase you are gathering information. Give up making judgments, it will only lead to worry. Your knowledge is incomplete. Laugh. Analyze and filter. LOOK WITHIN.  Those born in a Gibbous Moon phase will find their talents lie in the ability to refine, organize and purify. They are seekers, utilizing spiritual tools as guides on their path.

Moon in Cancer -  The Moon in Cancer deepens our feelings; our moods are stormy and vast, our hunger and desire to feed others sharpens. We protect our own, nest in our cave, need to know we're safe. Hunger grows, but for more than food. This is a time to nest, comfort, secure, dive deep into feelings - our feelings take the lead. Cancer encourages the wisdom rising out of our oceanic unconscious through moods and feelings. Ground in the magic of our home (earth) as a temple. Ask what needs protecting and feeding. This transit concerns desires about a home, emotional security, entertaining friends, cooking, nostalgia, and the desire to nurture. Moon in Cancer brings heightened sensitivity, the desire to nurture and create a home. Moon in Cancer is the best time to work magick for home and domestic life. Healing rituals for ailments of the chest or stomach are also done during this period of time.  Those born under a Cancer Moon sign can be wonderfully nurturing to our culture, body, and soul when we feel safe. Early mother/home issues can composted into empathic understanding.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waxing Half Moon enters Gemini

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

11th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Hera
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
13th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Luis/Rowan
Moon Phase: waxing Half
Moon sets: 3:10AM EST
Moon rises: 12:49PM EST
Moon in the Mutable Air
Sign of Gemini
Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The itinerary of
your spiritual quest.
Sun in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:29AM EST
Sunset: 5:38PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: How
do you practice ecological awareness?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 2nd., 2012

Moon in Gemini - The Moon entered Gemini's mutable air sign yesterday at 2:14PM EST.  It will be in Gemini until early Saturday morning at 12: 04AM EST and then one hour later will enter the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer.  So until then our communications will quicken, our conversations will sparkle but there is no depth to what we say. We can build a web of understanding  - network and absorb new information. You may feel talkative the next day or so, may find yourself having more than thing going at a time but will probably have a difficult time making decisions. This transit can be a good time to work magick for good communication, change your residence, write, public relations and travel. Healing rituals for ailments of the shoulders, arms, hands, or lungs are also done during this period of time. Those of us who born under a Gemini moon sign can talk to anyone, think fast, multi-task, shift moods with grace, but need to choose depth and focus.