Monday, February 6, 2012

Waxing Gibbous Moon enters Leo

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

15th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Gaia
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
17th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Luis/Rowan
Moon Phase: waxing Gibbous
Moon sets: 6:18AM EST
Moon rises: 4:46PM EST
Moon in Cancer v/c 7:30AM EST
Moon enters the Fixed Fire Sign
of Leo at 8:24AM EST
Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The integrity of
your vocation
Sun in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:25AM EST
Sunset: 5:43PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "What messages are
others trying to tell you?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
February 6th, 2012

Moon in Leo - Moon in Leo gets us back into the heart of the action. It's time to gather and let our light shine, to express ourselves and appreciate one another. Celebrate, ritualize, dramatize and just keep close to the truth. Share, fill hearts with true Leonine generosity. With Moon in Leo we have the guts to be visible and bring culture to life. Dramatic happenings, especially concerning emotions, being the center of attention, exuberance, vitality and working with patriarchal issues are all hallmarks of the Leo Moon transit. You will probably want to act out the 'drama queen' part of yourself, or just be romantic. This is a time of vital energy, affection and romance and a Leo extravaganza. 'Everybody is a Star'  Everyone is recognized for her particular Goddess within. Enjoy the warmth of kindness and generosity, excitement and exuberance, parties and celebrations. You will want to spend during a Leo moon transit. It's hard to recognize limits in Leo Moons; it's also time for power issues to erupt. Who will be the center of attention? Ambition and independent leadership are important issues. Leo has great pride, which is evident now. Moon in Leo is the best time to work magick involving authority, power over others, courage fertility, or childbirth. Healing rituals for ailments of the upper back, spine or heart are also done during this period of time.  The Moon sign we were born under records the history of our female lineage and emotional training and describes what makes us feel at home. We need to cooperate with our Moon's prime directives to walk our path in harmony.Those born under Leo Moon warms us with their generosity and light, like a fire in the center of the room, inspire others and can be cultural leaders. They live with intensity, but may create emergencies when bored. Their challenge is to share the spotlight and see the beauty in the mundane.

Moon Day - the Day of Remembering and Feeling - Impression Day......

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