Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Waxing Half Moon enters Aquarius

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

9th Day of the 11th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Kore
Lunar Tree Cycle of Gort/Ivy
5th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Gort/Ivy
Moon Phase: waxing Half
Moon sets: 1:04AM EDST
Moon rises: 3:37PM EDST
Moon in Capricorn v/c 1:57AM EDST
Moon enters the Fixed Air Sign
of Aquarius at 11:18AM EDST
Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The vista through
the window.
Sun in Libra
Sunrise: 7:20AM EDST
Sunset: 6:58PM EDST
Solar Question for the Day: "What needs
to be fulfilled or accomplished right now?"
Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Quarter
of the Year
October 5th, 2011

Moon in Aquarius - The Moon in Aquarius connects us to our community, reminds us that we are in this together. It asks us to make sure we walk our talk and integrate our philosophy with our politics. We abstract, communicate and work the crowd, but may be less intimate. The Moon in Aquarius expands our circles and offers the magic of collaborations; spirit and politics weave together. We can get too farsighted now and need to stay aware of others' feelings. Let go of assumptions and find new, unusual allied. This transit is a time to gather plants, mulch, prune and talk to your garden.  This is also a transit of dealing with facts, organizing, political issues, there is a feeling wanting to save the world through social action, of connecting with others in social situations, scientific pursuits, detachment and the need to come and go without restriction.
   Aquarius Moon's monthly transit is a dramatic mood change. Where Capricorn values tradition and caution, Aquarius indicates anything new, innovative, different or unconventional. Extremes of behavior occur during this moon, especially extremes of optimism and pessimism. Women feel the need to be friendly and social but don't want to be too personal or go too deep. Aquarius Moon can bring us feelings of wanting to be detached or rational rather than emotional and make changes only when logical to do so.  Moon in Aquarius is the best time to work magick involving science, freedom, creative expression, problem-solving, extrasensory abilities, friendship and the breaking of bad habits or unhealthy addictions. Healing rituals for ailments of the calves, ankles, or blood or also done at this time. Those born under an Aquarius moon sign are far sighted with a gentle stubbornness; they understand group dynamics and may be more aware in the family, tribe, community than they are in their most intimate relationships.

Woden's Day - Mercury Day - the Day of Communication and Connection.....  there are Major Magickal energies today for Attraction Skills and One on One Negotiations and there are minor Magickal energies for divination, and elemental magick. 

G-Gort - Ivy (Hedera helix, English Ivy) from the book The Ogham and The Universal Truth of the Trees by Suzanne La Cour and Dean Montalbano.....

Keywords: Friendship, Loyalty, Fidelity, Faith, Eternal Life, Development, Achievement, Mentoring, and Fostering
Magical Associations: Protection, Healing, Good Luck, Love.....   Ivy is a woman's plant and as such may be worn by women for good luck. Planted on the border of a property, or up against the home, Ivy protects the residents against negativity and averts disaster. Also it was believed that the Ivy would help protect the house from both physical and magical harm.  Ivy was often used in love charms, particularly those to ensure the fidelity and loyalty. It is a clinging and everlasting friendship, eternally alive.

Gort has often been associated with blacksmiths and is thought of as a plant of physical and mental development. It grows slowly, long and strong, often overtaking larger trees, buildings, walls and hills. It looks fragile, but can become very thick and woody. Ivy has been used to represent the dragon gnawing at the roots of the Universal or World Tree. It is a reminder of the strength to be found even in low places and the effect if used persistently against those who may be considered stronger.

One English custom bound the final sheaf of grain with Ivy; this was called the Ivy Girl who was believed to be in combat with the Holly Boy ..... (representing) a combat between the half of the year presided over by the Goddess (waxing) and the half ruled by the God (waning). The pairing of the Holly with the Ivy at Yule is symbolic of this same struggle for balance at the waning and waxing of the Sun.

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