Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waxing Crescent Moon phase

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom"

4th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Artemis
Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan
6th Day of the Celtic Tree |
Month of Luis/Rowan
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent phase at 8:57PM EST
Moon rises: 9:01AM EST
Moon sets: 9:23PM EST
Moon in Pisces v/c 11:52PM EST
Bloudewedd's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The gifts of Spring
Sun in Aquarius
Sunrise: 7:35AM EST
Sunset: 5:29PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "How
does your present way of life need
to change?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
January 26th, 2012

Waxing Crescent Moon - The New Moon is now 4 days old and is 45 - 90 degrees ahead of the sun. The crescent faces East, the gates of rebirth. The moon rises at mid-morning and sets after sunset. The crescent's greatest strength is at the midpoint. Work for animals, business, change, emotions and matriarchal strength.  This is the first sliver of Moon seen in the western sky in the late afternoon and early evening. The waxing Crescent Moon is the SPROUT of the moon plant. The seed has broken through the earth and reaches up as she ventures from the dark moist earth she has known.  Those born during a waxing Crescent Moon phase feel they must break from the past to create their own destiny.

Thor's Day - Jupiter Day - the Day of Vision, Spiritual Insight and Expansion.... this is the day of the week that is associated with prosperity, abundance, leadership, and good health. Think about how you
view these qualities - prosperity, abundance and good health.  These views can vary greatly between individuals. Each day of the week has magickal correspondences and surrounding yourself with some of these correspondences  for the day can greatly improve your chances of getting in touch with the energies of boosting your spellwork...   The color correspondences for Thursday are royal blue, purple and green.  So why not burn an appropriate color candle and meditate upon prosperity, abundance or good health today while you stare into the candle's flame.  Perhaps you will see some insights in the flame for achieving one of these qualities in your life. 

Imbolc -  Next Wednesday is February 1st and many witches observe Imbolc on that date - some observe it on February 2nd.   Imbolc, is known also as Imbolg, Candlemas, the Festival of Brighid, and the Feast of Lights. The word Imbolc means “in the belly,” or in the womb of Mother Earth, as well as “in milk,” which refers to ewes coming into milk for the first lambs of the season. This Sabbat marks the return of spring, even as winter seems to  continues its reign. Imbolc on February 2nd is of course, in modern times, also known as Groundhog’s Day. Imbolc is a time of cleansing and purification. It’s all about Spring Cleaning! It is time to throw out the old and bring in the new. This not only means the “stuff and clutter” in your home, but also your old thoughts, anger, hurt feelings etc. To Sweep out negative and stagnant Air and bring in fresh, clean positive Air. To re-new your home and yourself. Cleanse and Bless your home and those who dwell here, and cleanse my body and my soul as well. Imbolc is when you can re-dedicate yourself to your path every year. Though it’s not necessary to do, it re-energizes and re-connects you to your path and your way of life.
     The customs of Imbolc include ritual “spring cleaning” of the house, to banish the last of winter and hasten the coming of warm, sunny days. Some things you can do while cleaning…..use lavender and rosemary in a pot of boiling water to wash floors and walls, vinegar and mugwort for windows and mirrors. Burn sage to cleanse the psychic energies, and replace old protection and prosperity charms.  Wash all your curtains and linens and give them a good spritz with lavender water before re-hanging them. Clean out drawers, closets, cupboards. Sweep high and low. Replace burnt out light bulbs, anything that’s broken, throw out and that is which no longer of use or pleasure. The house will smell and feel amazing when you’re done!

      You also should spend some time on yourself. Taking a ritual bath scented with your favorite herbs/oils or sea salt is always cleansing and renewing. As you soak, meditate to clear your mind and heart of any thoughts or emotions that no longer serve you. This is all to “start a-new” in mind, body, spirit and home. Anoint your chakra points with Blessing oil after and spend some time meditating and focusing inward on yourself. Let go what needs to go and open yourself to new possibilities, Joy, Peace and Love only. Let the negative go and the positive take over. You will feel so great afterwards.

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