Monday, September 14, 2009

Mabon is approaching - crossing a threshold

In this time of the waning moon and Mercury Retrograde we reflect on what is no longer serving us, what needs to be discarded and changed.  But we also approaching the threshold into the dark side of the Wheel of the Year.   The Celtic Spirit essay I read this morning is something that many of us should be reading and pondering on..... 

The Seasonal Thresholds

"This has been our way: Spring for plowing and sowing,

Summer for strengthening the crop;

Autumn for grain's ripness and for reaping,

Winter for consuming its goodess."

___ Cath Madge Tuired, from Caitlin Matthews,

"The Celtic Book of Days" (trans. CM)

The gifts of each season create thresholds and doorways of opportunity for us as the year turns. The circuit of the earth about the sun is like the turas (TU'ras), or revolving walk of a pilgrim about a sacred site: at each point of the circumambulation, there arises a different symbology in the changing weather and in the correspondences of the growing world. As we become more sensitive to the annual turas of these changes, we can become attuned.

When the first spring flowers emerge, the winter may still hold sway, but we sense the time of beginning, we struggle, like the young plants, to bring ourselves over the threshold of emergence. When summer's heat encourages us to leave off our warm clothing, we pass through the threshold of confidence and action. When autumn leaves drift from the trees, we look for the threshold of gathering. When winter fastens its grip on the world, we cross the threshold toward reflection and stillness.

Through every station of the earth's revolution, we pass through a kaleidoscipic variety of moods, expectations, and opportunities. Everyone has p0referred seasons, accepting their gifts with pleasure. Those seasons that we actively dislike may be offering us opportunities to come to terms with aspects of our own annual distress - with depression, impatience, anger, or fear. If we can live each moment of the year as it is happening with attention to the seasonal thresholds and their gifts, we may discover a new resourcefulness that will enrich our lives with special joy.

"Consider the gifts and opportunities that you receive from each season."

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