Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturn's Day - 24th Day of the 8th Lunar Cycle - waning quarter moon

  Today the waning quarter moon goes void of course from the sign of Gemini, a Mutable Air sign, at 7:29AM EDST and will enter the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer at 4:18PM EDST.... the ruling deity for this day is Medusa, and the Sun is in Virgo, a mutable Earth sign. 

Waning Moon:  This period in a lunar cycle belongs to the Dark Maiden and occurs when the Moon shrinks from full to dark, but it doesn't mean that Her power is evving. In fact, it's the perfect time to perform efforts that require any sort of shrinkage, elimination, or separation. Good candidates might include  weight loss, poor health, debt relief, a gradual separation from damaging relationships, the termination of a bad habit, or the removal of some annoyance from your life. No matter the problem, getting rid of it is easier when the Moon is going down.
  What some practioners don't realize, thought, is that the Waning Moon really packs a wallop during its first three to seven days. This period, which occurs just after the Full Moon, is commonly known as the Disseminating Moon, and is excellent for problems that require a complete and final ending. Therefore, work that involves divorce, complete eradication of an addiction or serious health problems, or personal closure of some sort is very effective at this time.
Elemental Symbols:   Balance of symbols is one of the keys to the Craft.
   To remind us of this, and to welcome the energies of the Elements into the Circle, we place symbols of them on our Altar. Witches who regularly work magick will often have elemental symbols around the room they work in, or generally around the house.
   Air is usually represented by incense on the Altar, as loose incense burnt on charcoal in a Censer or Thurible, or as cone or stick incense.
  Fire is represented by a light candle..... 
Water is a small dish of water, perhaps with an Asperger to sprinkle it around the Circle. 
  Earth is usually represented by salt, although an Altar Pentagram will also serve...
   Most Witches leave the symbols on the Altar, but in some Coven work each symbol is taken from the Altar as the Element is invoked and carried around the Circle clockwise, before being placed in the appropriate Quarter; Air in the east, Fire in the South, Water in the West, and Earth in the  North, prior to working.
  Many Witches also carry a small portable version of the Altar with its own elemental symbols: a feather for Air, a Crystal for Fire, a shell for Water and a stone or small piece of wood for Earth. All these are wrapped in a small cloth which can then be used as the Altar surface. Of course you can always select other objects which represent the Elements to you. At least one Witch I know has a small bracelet with beads in the elemental colors, which she wears when  working magick.
[From "The Real Witch's Year" by Kate West.

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