Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gibbous Moon in Aries - Witch's Runes

Early this morning the bulging Gibbous moon finally moved from the weepy, watery sign of Pisces into the Cardinal Fire
sign of Aries....  The moon left Pisces at 5:16AM EDST and wham! entered the fiery sign of Aries at 5:19AM.  It is as if Aries has been impatiently waiting for a while and believe me impatience is a major trait of Aries.

  The Moon in Aries is a time of new beginnings, intense activity, pioneering in any field, reaching out with emotional surges, and impulsiveness. This moon transit is a great tester of limits. You might feel impatient now or want to initiate new things.   And after leaving Mercury Retrograde behind this week we are all probably ready to try new things.  Remember tho that acting on feelings of the moment, rather than the result of reason can make those snap decisions something to be regretted later.

  This is Saturn's Day - a Day of Manifestation and Structure, Assessment and Responsibility - perhaps a good day for preparing for tomorrow's Full Moon.  This Full Moon is a Witshing Moon and a good time to start a 7 Day Spell for Beginnings and/or Changes. Wishing Moons occur four times a year on the full moon closest to the Sabbats.  They are occasions for planning the goals of the coming quarter and assessing the results of the quarter past. 

"Winds of change I conjure thee
Bring me opportunity
My fingers reach, my hands take hold.
For a brighter future I will be bold."
[From Seasons of the Witch datebook]

The Witches' Runes

The Witches' Runes are a traditional tool of divination for Witches.

   They are usually made from 8 flattish pebbles with the symbols hand-painted on one side, but can be made from small circles of wood. These are probably the easiest of the tools of divination to make for yourself, as well as to learn and understand. They are used to answer particular questions rather than for whole life reading. The Runes are gently droped by the person seeking the reading, from cupped hands onto a cloth and any which are face down are discarded. The reminder are read with those nearest the subject, the leading runes, being the one of most significance to the question being asked, and those near to one another influencing each other.

  The 8 symbols which make up the Witches Runes are as follows: a golden-rayed Sun - the male principle, success, honor, fame, and expansionl.   A silver crescent Moon - the female principle, conception, childbirth, change within the month.   Two pink interlocking rings - romance, love, marriage, partnership.  Two red crossed spears - strife, quarrels, healing after accident or illness. ]
A blue reverse S, the curlilng wave - those close to you, relatives, travel and journeys.  Three birds - one each in red, white and blue - unexpected news, documents, writing, major life changs. A yellow ear of corn -n money, luck, prosperity, social advancement, plenty.  A black rune with a white H or # marked on it - change, fate, reversals and sometimes misfortune.
[From: "The Real Witches' Year" by Kate West]

Here is an image of a set of Witch's Runes from the website:

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