Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Moon in Aries

I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom.

2nd Day of the 4th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Persephone
Lunar Tree Cycle ~ Fearn/Alder
27th Day of the Celtic Tree Cycle ~ Nion/Ash
Moon Phase: waxing New
Moon rises: 7:27AM EDST
Moon sets: 8:36PM EDST
Moon enters the Cardinal Fire Sign
of Aries at 2:32AM EDST
Blodeuwedd's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The things that
inspire you.
Sun in Pisces
Sunrise: 7:30AM EDST
Sunset: 7:26PM EDST
Solar Question for the Day: "What experience
of life do you most crave?"
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter of the Year
March 16th, 2010

Today there are Major magickal energies for rituals of competition and personal advocacy and minor magickal energies for job hunting.  Sounds like you can put together a rite for job hunting with major energy influence of being competitive and advocating your own personal skills.  This is Tiu's Day, a day of Activity and Physicality, Passion and Desire.... add to this cosmic mix that it is the New Moon phase and that waxing new moon is in the sign of Aries - a Cardinal Fire Sign - you could have some very potent magickal energies swirling around.  Don't forget tho that you must be very careful with lunar Aries energy - it can get out of hand if you allow impulsive actions to take over. 

This lunar cycle has events like the Spring Equinox/Ostara happening this coming Saturday and also the Full Moon for this lunar cycle will determine the date of the christian celebration of Easter. At the equinox this Saturday the Sun will move into the sign of Aries. 

On the Witches' Lunar Year calendar this is the cycle of Raven - Days of Air... today is the second day of the cycle. This information I got from Seasons of the Witch datebook.  I also get my information of the magickal energies for each day from this book too.  http://www.7th-house.com/  

Prophetic Dream Pillow

  To encourage dreams of the future make yourself a dream pillow. This is a sachet which can be placed under the pillow on nights when you seek answers in your sleep. 

    Take a rectangle of purple fabric about 5 by 10 inches. If you can find with silver threads in so much the better. Fold in half with the good side inside. Using silver-grey thread, stitch the edges by hand to make a small bag, leaving a small gap to insert your herbs. Turn the bag right side out through this gap and insert 2 tablespoons of Lavender flowers, 4 Bay leaves and a teaspoonful each of at least three of the following: Ash leaves, Broom tops, Cinquefoil, Holly, Huckleberry, Jasmine flowers, Marigolds, Mimosa, Mugwort, Peppermint, or Rose petals. Then sew up the opening carefully.

  It is best to use this on a night when you can be reasonably sure of being able to wake up naturally in the morning without an alarm. Before retiring you should also place pen and paper nearby so that you can note your dreams immediately on waking. Do not use a dream pillow more than 3 times a month or you will become too accustomed to the herbs.

  Your dream pillow will be more effective if you use fresh leaves and flowers, however it may not keep for long, so might like to use dried material instead. In this case it can be 'activated' by sprinkling it with a little water and warming it in a plastic bag before use. When not in use your dream pillow should be wrapped in white cloth to protect it.
[From: "The Real Witches' Year' by Kate West]

This image comes from ladybugherbs.com


Crystalrainbow said...

Great info ty )0( new moon in Aries and Blodeuwedd's Cycle of the Moon all adds up to be my fav time of the year :)

Sobeit said...

Thank you for compliments on my posting. Blodeuwedd's Cycle of the Moon comes from my Sisterhood of Avalon teachings. While I no longer belong to the organization I still keep ties to it by following Avalonian cycles.


Crystalrainbow said...

Blodeuwedd too from my Kernow teachings :) i will be posting my Blodeuwedd painting sometime over the next few days X Blessed be

Crystalrainbow said...

Ps Ive left a little 'sunshine' on my blog for you x

Sobeit said...

Thanks Crystalrainbow for the 'sunshine'... it warms me inside and out. Love your sunny blog. Will be checking it more often.