Sunday, December 26, 2010

Disseminating Virgo Moon on Sun Day

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

22nd Day of the 13th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Hestia
Lunar Tree Cycle of Ruis/Elder
3rd Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Beith/Birch
22nd Day of the Cycle of Grael -
Days of the Earth Dragon
Moon Phase: Disseminating
Moon sets: 11:00AM EST
Moon rises: 11:28PM EST
Moon in the Mutable Earth
Sign of Virgo
Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The joy of
Sun in Capricorn
Sunrise: 7:41AM EST
Sunset: 4:59PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: ""What
would give your loved ones most
Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Quarter
of the Year
December 26th, 2010

Sun Day - the Day of Intent, Creation and Renewal - Creation Day.   There are Major magickal energies today for Clearing Root Cause of Health Issues.  These magickal energies are boosted
by the Virgo energies for taking of health issues.  Also with the Disseminating Moon - it becomes
easier for us to stop addictive habits that undermine our health.  

The  Wren

    One of the smallest birds, the Wren has long been associated with Witchcraft and Paganism, both to its detriment and benefit.  On St. Stephen's day, 26 December, a ritual known as 'Hunting the Wren' was enacted. The poor Wren was hunted, killed, decorated andn paraded through the streets to bring good fortune to the people of the town. In some areas it was simple kept caged for the remaining 12 days of Christmas and in others it was decorated with ribbons and allowed to fly free.
   It is thought by some that this treatment of the Wren was to offset the Pagan associations of the bird. On the positive side, folklore has long held the Wren to be a lucky bird: a Wren's feather falling on you indicated a long and prosperous life, to have one in your garden indicated a happy home and just hear its song was considered lucky.
    Perhaps surprisingly some families still re-enact Hunting the Wren as part of the season's festivities, only in this case the Wren in question is a paper one. A small bird shape is cut out of paper and painted. It is then secreted somewhere in the house. At dusk the children are sent to hunt the Wren. The first to find her is given the Wren to place in their room. Kate West says that when she was young, her extended family would gather on Boxing Day. The youngest child was selected as the Wren and then a fairly straightforward game of hide and seek would commence, ending after every child had been the Wren.
[From Kate West's "The Real Witches' Year"] 

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