Sunday, April 24, 2011

Last Quarter Moon phase in Aquarius - Sun Day

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

22nd Day of the 4th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Hestia
Lunar Tree Cycle of Fearn/Alder
10th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Saille/Alder
22nd Day of the Cycle of Annwyn -
Days of Avalon
Moon Phase: Last Quarter - 10:46PM EDST
Moon rises: 2:02AM EDST
Moon sets: 12:10PM EDST
Moon in Capricorn v/c at 3:27AM
Moon enters the Fixed Air Sign
of Aquarius at 1:59PM EDST
Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The service
of parenthood.
Sun in Taurus
Sunrise: 6:29AM EDST
Sunset: 8:07PM EDST
Solar Question for the Day: "What
mutual burdens can you lift from other's
Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter
of the Year
April 24th, 2011

Last Quarter Moon - (Yes, it is really the last quarter phase this time, I don't have it wrong.) The Last Quarter Moon rises around midnight and sets around noon. Astrologically, the Moon is square to the Sun. She is visible from the time she rises almost to the time she sets. The Last Quarter Moon is the HARVEST phase of the moon plant's life - the plant gives her life so that others may continue theirs. Keywords for the Last Quarter are: realignment, revision, integration and cleansing. It is the time in a lunar cycle to take closing action, to follow-up and complete the activities begun at the New phase. During this phase you become aware of what is and is not working with respect to the achievement of your goal(s) for the cycle. The movement is toward integration. Open to your success. MANIFEST YOUR GOAL. Be responsible.

Moon in Aquarius - The Moon in Aquarius connects us to our community, reminds us that we are i this together. It asks us to make sure we walk our talk and integrate our philosophy with our politics. We abstract, communicate and work the crowd, but may be less intimate. This is transit of dealing with facts, organizing, political issues, desire to save the world through social action, connecting with others
in social situations, scientific pursuits, detachment, and the need to come and go without restriction. Aquarius moon's monthly transit is a dramatic mood change. Where Capricorn values tradition and caution. Aquarius indicates anything new, innovative, different or unconventional. Extremes of behavior occur during this moon, especially extremes of optimism and pessimism. Women feel the need to be friendly and social but don't want to be too personal or go too deep. Aquarius moon can be detached or rational rather than emotional and will change only if it's logical to do so. Aquarius is definitely her sister's keeper. She believes 'What happens to one woman happens to us all.'  Freedom is important now, and you need to live with as few restrictions as possible. Moon in Aquarius is the best time to work magick involving science, freedom, creative expression, problem solving, extrasensory abilities, friendship and the breaking of bad habits or unhealthy addictions. Healing rituals for ailments of the calves, ankles, or blood are also done at this time.  For one born under an Aquarius Moon is far sighted with a gentle stubbornness; they understand group dynamics and may be more aware in family, tribe, community than they are in their most intimate relations. 

Moon Signs and Moon Transits - The Moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days and sets mood and tone of the time. The Moon;s placement at our birth describes our relation to our home, soul, family and emotional lineage; it symbolizes our inner spiritual river and our lifetime mode of operation. The moon is fastest moving of all the planets in the zodiac. Her lunar transits indicate daily and hourly moods which can change as quickly as the moon's sign.
    Days of the month when the transiting moon is in your personal moon sign is a good time to work on your compulsions and unexplainable drives. It is also one of your personal power days.

Sun Day - the Day of Intent, Creation, and Renewal.... there will be minor magickal energies to rites/spells for banishing disease and/or addictions this afternoon following the moon's movement into the sign of Aquarius. 

The Days of the Week

    Just as the phases of the Moon and the seasons have their own magickal energies, so too do the days of the week.  Therefore, if you can work your spells on the appropriate days then these energies will be in your favor. The following outline gives the planet influencing the day, its color, and the types of magick it is most beneficial for.
Sunday: The Sun is its planet, color - gold and orange. Physical healing, health, vitality, confidence, hope, success, honor, and glory.
Monday:  The Moon. Silver, white the colors. Dreams, female fertility, divination, animal healing.
Tuesday: Mars. Red.  Courage, defence, conflict, endurance, physical strength, energy, surgery, male fertility.
Wednesday: Mercury. Yellow. Knowledge, study, communications, writing, improving the mind, inspiration, mental healing.
Thursday: Jupiter. Dark blue, purple. Luck, employment, business, wealth, riches, legal matters, improving magickal skills, spiritual healing.
Friday: Venus. Pink, green. Love friendship, family, affection, partnerships, spiritual harmony, compassion, earth magick, and earth healing.
Saturday: Saturn. Black. Duty, responsibility, familiars, building, binding, banishing, meditation.

   The above is by no means comprehensive and you may find that, with practice, you are able to add to, or even alter it. Of course there will be times when your magick cannot wait even a few days; in these cases do not worry that you are using the 'wrong' day, as the daily influences may add to your energies but they will not detract from them.
[From Kate West's The Real Witches' Year]

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