Monday, November 7, 2011

Moon Day - waxing Gubbous Moon in Aries

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

13th Day of the 12th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Gaia
Lunar Tree Cycle of Ngetal/Reed
12th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Ngetal/Reed
Moon Phase: waxing Gibbous moon
Moon sets:3:58AM EST
Moon rises: 3:21PM EST
Moon in the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries
Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: Your kinship with the stars
Sun in Scorpio
Sunrise: 6:56AM EST
Sunset: 5:11PM EST
Solar Question for the Day: "Which of
your plans needs better motivation?"
Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Quarter
of the Year
November 7th, 2011

Moon Day - the Day of Remembering and Feeling....  there are minor magickal energies for household harmony and patience.

The Raven - The Raven is the largest member of the Crow family, being some 25 inches in length. It is all black including the beak. It has long been considered a bird of magick and omens. Probably the most notable story concerns the Ravens at the Tower of London, about which is is said that should they be lost or fly away then Britain and the Royal family will fall.  These days their wings are clipped to prevent them from leaving!  The Native Americans call the Raven 'the messenger of death', and they believe that it can scent death and will arrive whenever it is imminent. It used to be thought that to hear a Raven calling over the house that one of the inhabitants would soon fall ill. Indeed its call is said to be, 'corpse, corpse'.  Ravens seen facing towards a clouded Sun indicate that hot weather is on the way, but if seen preening then weather will be wet. Seen flying towards one another they are said to presage battle.
   The Raven is sacred to the Celtic Battle Goddess the Morrighan. It was said that she would watch over the field of war in the guise of a Raven, waiting to feed on the bodies of the fallen. The Raven was also thought to be a messenger for the Morrighan, and as such was under her protection. Should anyone kill a Raven it was thought that She would visit destruction on their household. The Celtic Goddess Natosuelta was a Raven Goddess of Gaul, and was both Creator and Destroyer of the World.
[From Kate West's The Real Witches' Year]

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