Friday, May 18, 2012

Waning Crescent Moon enters Taurus

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

28th Day of the 5th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Hecate
Lunar Tree Cycle of Saille/Willow
6th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Hauth/Hawthorn
Moon Phase: waning crescent
Moon rises: 4::29AM EDST
Moon sets: 6:40PM EDST
Moon enters the Fixed Earth
Sign of Taurus at 6:03AM Edst
Cerwiden's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The song of the night
Sun in Taurus
Sunrise: 6:01AM EDST
Sunset: 8:32pm EDST
Solar Question for the Day: "What do you need
to learn or master at this time?"
Beltaine (Calan Mai) Quarter
of the Year
May 18th, 2012

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