Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waning Half Moon enters Taurus

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

25th Day of the 6th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Medusa
Lunar Tree Cycle of Hauth/Hawthorn
5th Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Hauth/Hawthorn
Moon Phase: waning Half
Moon rises: 2:32AM EDST
Moon sets: 4:34PM EDST
Moon enters the Fixed Earth
Sign of Taurus at 12:22PM EDST
Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The strength and
beauty of the little things
Sun in Gemini
Sunrise: 5:49AM EDST
Sunset: 8:51PM EDST
Length of the Day: 15 hours; 2 minutes
Solar Question for the Day: "How are
you limiting yourself at present?"
Beltaine (Calan Mai) Quarter
of the Year
June 14th, 2012

Moon in Taurus - The Moon in Taurus grounds us; it slows us down
and wakes our sensual nature and stubbornness, helps us dig deeper
roots. This transit is a time to garden, plant, cultivate seeds, relationships,
and ideas, make love, nurture, take a stand and embody. The Moon in
Taurus asks us to discover what nurtures us and how to grow deeper
roots. We can almost feel the mud oozing between our toes, awakening
our senses and sensuality and growing  our stubbornness. Plant anything
you want to grow strong and fertile. This lunar transit concerns money,
work, property, the body, home and family, sensuality, building cautiously
and slowly, being conscientious, growth, sensitivity, planting  and emotional
patterns based on security. The energy flow is even and a time for us to
experience the sensual.
    The forceful forward movement of Aries becomes solid, calm, and patient
during Taurus. There is a desire to protect material goods and a strong need
for financial security.  It is a poor time for change or getting a loan as people
are very cautious and reserved about money especially during the first part
of the transit.
    The middle of Taurus is more calm. It is a good time to continue or to
finish projects or to stay at home with family. Taurus gives attention to order
and detail. Emotionally there is stubbornness, but great sensitivity to others.
This sensual sign is a good time to appreciate the wonders of the beautiful
earth. During a Moon in Taurus transit you might want to work in the garden.
   Taurus is the best time to work magick for love, real estate, material
acquisitions and money. Healing rituals for ailments of the throat, neck, and
ears are also done during this period of time. Those born under a Taurus Moon
root deeply and change slowly; they collect, touch, support and see the sacred
in the world of matter. Steady, they can loan their strengths to others, but may
need to learn the beauty in change.

Thor's Day - Jupiter Day - the Day of Vision, Spiritual Insight and Expansion ...
Thursdays have the planetary association of Jupiter, and this day of the week is
associated with prosperity, abundance, leadership and good health.  What a good
day to have the Moon in the sign of Taurus. Just by believing in yourself and
working toward creating abundance, health and prosperity you have already
begun to transform your outlook on life. Think positively. Use your imagination,
and check out Thor's Day correspondence list - Candles of purple, royal blue
and green; Incenses and essential oils in the scents of clove, honeysuckle. nutmeg
and sage; stones of turquoise, sapphire and amethyst.  Lay out the tarot cards of
Ten of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles and the Ace Pentacles -take careful look
at their images - how can you incorporate those symbols into spells of your own
design..   Brew up a pot of mint tea to help your increase your cash flow.  Try
adding a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon to an unscented candle to encourage some
fast cash. Bake up a loaf wheat bread and celebrate abundance and be thankful
for all that you have. Use your imagination and see what others bewitching things
you can conjure up for prosperity magick all by yourself.

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