Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Quarter Moon Phase - Sun in Leo

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

23rd Day of the 8th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Medusa
Lunar Tree Cycle of Tinne/Holly
13th Day of the Celtic Tree
 Month of Tinne/Holly
23rd Day of the Cycle of Faunus -
Days of Pan
Moon Phase: Last Quarter - 1:01AM EDST
Moon rises: 12:09AM EDST
Moon sets: 2:2PM EDST
Moon enters the Fixed Earth Sign
of Taurus at 12:58AM EDST
Ceridwen's Moon Cycle
Lunar Meditation: The scent of
Sun in Leo - 12:12AM EDST
Sunrise: 6:08AM EDST
Sunset: 8:44PM EDST
Solar Question for the Day: "Where
is the warmth in your life?"
Beltane (Calan Mai) Quarter
of the Year
July 23rd, 2011

Last Quarter Moon - The Last Quarter Moon (or waning half moon) rises around midnight and sets around noon. Astrologically the Moon is square to the Sun. She is visible from the time she rises until she sets. The Last Quarter Moon is the HARVEST phase - the moon plant gives her live so that others may continue theirs. Keywords for the Last Quarter phase are: realighment, revision, integration and cleansing. It is the time in a cycle to take closing action, to follow-up and complete the activities begun at the New phase. During this phase you become aware of what is and is not working with respect to the achievement of your goal for the cycle. The movement is toward integration. Open to your success. MANIFEST YOUR GOAL. Be responsible.  For those who were born in a Last Quarter phase - they will have a powerful internal life of reflection and transformation. They can assume different roles while balancing their internal and external worlds.

Moon in Taurus - This moon transit asks us to discover what nurtures us and how to grow deeper roots. It is a time to cultivate our material resources, our homes and our bodies. The Moon in Taurus grounds us; it slows us down and wakes our sensual nature and stubbornness, helps us dig deeper roots. This is a time to cultivate relationships and ideas, make love, nurture, take a stand and embody. This lunar transit concerns money, work, property, sensuality, building cautiously and slowly, being conscientious and emotional patterns based on security. The energy flow is even. The forceful movement of Aries becomes solid, calm and patient during a Taurus transit. The middle of a Taurus transit is a good time continue or finish projects. Taurus gives attention to order and detail. Emotionally there is stubbornness, but great sensitivity to others. Moon in Taurus is the best time to work magick for love, real estate, material acquisitions and money. Healing rituals for ailments of the throat, neck, and ears are also done during this period of time. For those born under a Taurus moon sign they roots that grow  more deeply and make changes more slowly. They collect, touch, support and see the sacred in the world of matter. Being steady they can loan their strength to others, but may need to learn the beauty in change.

Saturn's Day - the Day of Manifestation and Structure, Assessment and Responsibility - Foundation Day ....there minor magickal energies today spells/rites of protection. 

Sun in Leo - .....  Leo is another Fixed Fire Sign, bringing enthusiasm, spontaneity and energy. It is also a Fixed sign emphasizing the senses, desires, and intense reactions.

      Leo's symbol is the lion, the King of Beasts, and this gives a good indication of those born at this time. The key phase for Leos is "I will".  Those born when the Sun is in Leo are generally extroverts. They will be self-assertive and self-controlling. While usually generous and warm hearted they will also know how to use power and to control others. They are high achievers and their commanding personalities make them good leaders unless they allow themselves to become overbearing and dominating. Leos are good organizers and, being outgoing, make good spokespeople, speakers and actors. They are usually highly principled and forthright but tend to acquire very fixed opinions, sometimes despite evidence to the contrary. In relationships Leos are wholehearted, sincere, very sensual and pleasure loving. On the negative side they can be overwhelming, intolerant and autocratic. They sometimes seem to be bossy and boastful. 
     At this time those born with the Sun in Leo should be careful to exercise their self-restraint,  as the Sun's energy will emphasize any failings. They should also be aware of their tendency to dominate any group of people, whether deliberately or not, and be prepared to step back and let others have their say. Non-Leos can utilize the energy of this time to become more self-assertive and to look towards claiming what is due to them. Magically this is a good time for learning new skills or improving talents.
[From: Kate West's The Real Witches' Year]

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