Monday, July 4, 2011

Waxing Crescent Moon phase enters Virgo

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

4th Day of the 8th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Artemis
Lunar Tree Cycle of Tinne/Holly
23rd Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Duir/Oak
4th Day of the Cycle of Faunus -
Days of Pan
Moon Phase: waxing Crescent moon - 5:05PM EDST
Moon rises: 9:36AM EDST
Moon sets: 10:57PM EDST
Moon enters the Mutable Earth
Sign of Virgo at 9:13PM EDST
Blodeuwedd's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: Peace and concord
among earth's nations.
Sun in Cancer
Sunrise: 5:55AM EDST
Sunset: 8:54PM EDST
Solar Question for the Day: "Which
of your dreams do you most want to
come true?"
Beltane (Calan Mai) Quarter
of the Year
July 4th, 2011

Crescent Moon - (or waxing Crescent Moon) rises midmorning and sets after sunset. She is the first visible sliver of Moon seen in the western sky in the late afternoon and early evening. The Crescent Moon is the SPROUT. The seed has broken through the earth and reaches up as she ventures from the dark, moist earth she has known. Keywords for the Crescent Moon are: expansion, growth, struggle and opportunity. It is the time in a lunar cycle that you gather the wisdom learned in the New phase and communicate your intention to move forward. Light a candle. Write or read an affirmation. LISTEN & ABSORB. Commit to your goal. Those born during the Crescent Moon phase must break from the past to create their own destiny.

Moon in Virgo - The Moon in Virgo sends us back to work after the Leo party and gives us a to-do list. We become impatiently aware of what needs to be improved, fixed or healed. Our compassion is strong, but we can get irritated at less industrious folk. This is a transit to: weed, edit, critique, care, exercise, investigate, study, heal, but be gentle with others. The Moon in Virgo asks us to consider what needs healing and what need composting. It's time to learn, train, organize and turn our compassion into pragmatic action. Don't get stuck in your head. Those born under a Virgo Moon sign are curious, responsible, caring, but need to cultivate gentle acceptance of self and others. Moon in Virgo is the best time to work magick involving employment, intellectual matters, healt6h, and dietary concerns. Healing rituals for ailments of the intestines or nervous system are also done during this period of time.

Moon Day - the Day of Remembering and Feeling - Impression Day ..... there are Major magickal energies to Borrow or Lend Money and minor magickal energies for issues regarding feminine or domestic matters.  As the moon is going to be void of course till 9:16PM tonight, I would be careful to trust these magickal energies.

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