Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Mooin in Gemini

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

1st Day of the 7th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Persephone
Lunar Tree Cycle ~ Duir/Oak
1st Day of the Celtic Tree Month ~ Duir/Oak
Moon Phase: New Moon - 7:14AM EDST
Moon rises: 5:43AM EDST
Moon sets: 9:25PM EDST
Moon in Gemini v/c 7:34PM EDST
Moon enters the Cardinal Water Sign
of Cancer at 9:50PM EDST
Persephone's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The support of
Sun in Gemini
Sunrise: 5:49AM EDST
Sunset: 8:50PM EDST
Solar Question for the Day: "What
do you appreciate most about your life?"
Beltaine (Calan Mai) Quarter of the Year
June 12th, 2010

New Moon - At this New Moon we are getting a triple dose of mercurial brilliance, with Sun-Moon at 21 degrees Gemini, and Mercury at 3 Gemini (Mercury moved into Gemini's sign on the 10th, Thursday of this month). It's likely to be noisy, with a high potential for mania, anxiety, panic and other modern ills from constant TMI (too much information). Take care to avoid what/who makes you strung out, nervous, pulled in too many directions.
   As you know this is the beginning of a new lunar cycle.  The keywords are beginning, birth, emergence, projection and clarity. It is the time in a cycle that you are stimulated to take a new action.
And remember as mentioned above, all this Gemini stimulation going on today could make you feel anxious. During this New Moon time in the cycle your visions are seeding themselves inner and outer.
Engage in physical activity. Spend time alone. VISUALIZE your goals for the 29.6 cycle ahead.
   The Sun and Moon are conjunct at the New Moon. This does signal a tremendous concentration of energy, but it occurs outside our view. This suggest energy but little awareness, a common feature of beginnings. We like to think we direct ourselves into new desired directions, but more typically, we start new cycles like the New Moon, in the dark. It's much like conception, another divine conjunction outside our view. We don't really know what we've begun until will after it's started.
    What I've learned from keeping a regular New Moon practice is that without a lunar calendar, this moment is easy to miss. One busy-work after another, we're rushed forward at the machine-like pace of modern life. Unwittingly we send our New Moon steps into old footprints. Despite twelve to thirteen New Moons every year, each one a celestial chance to build anew, people commonly land in the same situation month after month.  Here is a link to online Lunar Calendar and keep where you see it most everyday.

  And so with the beginning of a new lunar cycle we also enter a new Lunar Tree Month or Celtic Tree Month.  We have left the Hawthorn/Hauthe month/cycle and now enter the Oak/Duir cycle. I will post more on the energies of this tree cycle tomorrow.

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