Sunday, June 13, 2010

Waxing New Moon in Cancer

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

2nd Day of the 7th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Persephone
Lunar Tree Cycle ~ Duir/Oak
2nd Day of the Celtic Tree Month ~ Duir/Oak
Moon Phase: waxing New Moon
Moon rises: 6:49AM EDST
Moon sets: 10:15PM EDST
Moon in the Cardinal Water
Sign of Cancer
Blodeuwedd's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The messages
of your body.
Sun in Gemini
Sunrise: 5:49AM EDST
Sunset: 8:50PM EDST
Solar Question for the Day: "What
ambitions wait to be filled in your life?"
Beltaine (Calan Mai) Quarter of the Year
June 13th, 2010

Moon in Cancer - this transit brings desires about a home, emotional security, security issues, nostalgia and wanting to nurture.  Cooking and entertaining your friends are a way to pass this transit. Prepare a feast in your home, ask your friends over and do psychic work together. Women are emotionally and psychically sensitive at this time.  Moon in Cancer brings heightened sensitivity and because of this when the moon is in this sign it is frequently referred to as a 'crybaby' moon. Cancer is the home of the moon, sensitive planet of emotions, so feelings are easily hurt, especially by personal criticism. Nostalgia reigns supreme. 
   Today is Sun Day - day of Intent, Creation and Renewal.  There are minor magickal energies for a rite or spell for self-improvement.   Is this one of the 'seeds' you are planting this lunar cycle?

Oak Month

The Oak is the King of Trees and sacred to the Celts and Druids.

   It has long been considered bad luck to cut it down or to take the living wood. Since early times it has been associated with Herne who was thought to have practiced magic under one, and with the stag, symbol of the Horned God. It is also sacred to Thor and acorns are said to protect a house from storms and lightning. It was sacred to the ancient Greeks and the Romans dedicated it to Jupiter, and King Arthur's round table was said to have been made from a single slice of Oak. The Oak is strongly associated with the element of Earth and the physical realm. The Oak represents the sacrifice of personal freedom in order to take up magick work.
    The Oak is slow-growing and capable to living well over a hundred years. Its hard wood was used to build ships, and burnt to provide charcoal for metalwork.  The bark was used in leather making and to create dyes of purple, black, yellow and browns. The young wood is used to make furniture. Acorns have been long noted for their antiseptic properties and used in folk medicine to dress wounds. They have also been used to make flour and a form of coffee.  The inner bark makes a gargle for throat and sinus problems.  The leaves make a soothing dressing for sore eyes.
     To protect your home from all manner of ills, make an equal-armed cross, bound with red thread, of two pieces of Oak. To bring prosperity, plant an acorn the day before the New Moon.
"Things endure which grow slowly."
[From: "The Real Witches Year" by Kate West]

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