Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Quarter Phase - moon in sign of Cancer

"I'm one with the Goddess
and open to Her Wisdom."

24th Day of the 10th Lunar Cycle
Ruled by Medusa
Lunar Tree Cycle of Muin/Vine
2nd Day of the Celtic Tree
Month of Gort/Ivy
Moon Phase: Last Quarter
Moon rises: 12:14AMEDST
Moon sets: 3:08PM EDST
Moon in the Cardinal Water
Sign of Cancer
Ceridwen's Cycle of the Moon
Lunar Meditation: The relief
of a problem's dissolution.
Sun in Libra
Sunrise: 7:15AM EDST
Sunset: 7:03PM EDST
Solar Question for the Day: "What
soul-food nourishes you?"
Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Quarter
of the Year
October 1st, 2010

  Well, by not posting yesterday, September 30th, I missed posting about so many things - the day of the Last Quarter moon phase happening - which was 11:52PM; the first day of the Celtic Tree Month of Gort/Ivy; Hecate's Night - the last day of the month; and the moon entering the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer.  Sigh...  So I will try to make up for it today.

Last Quarter - This phase is the HARVEST phase - the moon plant gives her life so that others may continue theirs. This moon rises around midnight or shortly after and sets around midafternoon. Astrologically the Moon is square to the Sun. She is visible from the times she rises until she sets.
Keywords for the Last Quarter are: realignment, revision, integration, and cleansing. It is the time in a lunar cycle to take closing action, to follow up and complete the activities begun at the New phase. During this phase you become aware of what is working and what is not with respect to the achievement of your goal for the cycle. The movement is toward integration. Open to your success. MANIFEST YOUR GOAL. Be responsible. Those who were born in the Last Quarter phase have a powerful internal life of reflection and transformation.  They can assume different roles while balancing their internal and external work.

Moon in Cancer - With this moon phase our feelings take the lead. Cancer encourages the wisdom rising out of our oceanic unconscious through moods and feelings. Ground in the magick of our home as a temple. Ask what needs protecting and feeding. Those born with a Cancer Moon sign in their chart will search for what nurtures them and the world. They may need to learn to carry their security with themselves. They respect our deepest feelings, and eases our past fears.
   This moon transit concerns desires about a home, emotional security, entertaining friends, cooking, security issues, nostalgia, and the desire to nurture.  Woman are emotionally and psychically sensitive at this time and due to these strong emotions this transit is sometimes called a 'crybaby' moon. There is a greater interest in food and its preparation. This can easily lead to self-indulgence, so those who are health-conscious should be aware of the tendency to food binge. Cancer is the home of the moon, sensitive planet of emotions, so feelings are easily hurt, especially by personal criticism. Handle with care.  Nostalgia reigns supreme.  This a transit when it is not easy to be alone as needs for the security in love and friendship are high..
   As the moon moves towards Leo (tomorrow, Saturn's Day), it is a time of great personal warmth and friendship.  Be careful to avoid conflict, as a grudge formed now will take a long time to heal. If you want your hair to grow quickly, have it cut in a Cancer Moon.

Today is Freya's Day - Venus Day - a Day of Sharing and Relationships - there are Major magickal energies today to rites/spells for Clearing Writer's/Artist's Block.  Here is a little chant to include in your magickal workings regarding this issue:
"Come near, Muse, and take from me
the pall that hovers ruthlessly.
And let creative nectar flow
because I'm stuck on this plateau."

From: 2010 Season's of the Witch"

Celtic Tree Month of Gort/Ivy

  The Celts considered the Ivy a 'tree' of power, able to overcome even the mighty Oak because it can bind, constrict and strangle.  It is also a tree of warning: dreams, visions of it, or even large amounts in your area indicates that you may be taking the wrong path or contemplating a wrong direction in life, and it is time to review your life and motivations, and perhaps seek a new direction. It is a plant of persistence, not just for the ancient Celts. A quaint 19th-century story tells of an Ivy in Oxford which penetrated the wall of a wine cellar, removed the cork from a bottle of port and drank the contents. The bottle was later found congested with the roots of the plant.
   Ivy leaves made up the wreath of the Roman God Bacchus and were often hung outside inns to advertise their trade. It was thought that wearing a circle of Ivy around the head would prevent intoxication. Drinking from a bowl of Ivy wood was said to be a cure for drunkenness. A wreath of Ivy was given to newly-weds as a symbol of fidelity. A young girl would carry an Ivy leaf in order to meet her future husband. Should a man gather 10 Ivy leaves at Halloween, discard one and sleep with the other 9 under his pillow he will dream of his future love. To dream of spirits, place an Ivy leaf on each corner of your pillow. Ivy is magically linked with Holly and it used to be forbidden to bring Ivy into a church because of its Pagan associations.
[From: "The Real Witches' Year" by Kate West]

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